Technical informations

An '' subscription enables you to access, via our 'my-edoc' platform, all of the necessary documents for maintaining and repairing MANITOU machines affected by European Regulation 167/2013.

 Use of the My-Edoc tool: documents explaining how the My-Edoc tool operates are available directly in the tool (tree on the left).

Utilisation MyEdoc

Parts catalogue: by purchasing a subscription (for a day, month or year), the user receives access to all of the spare parts catalogues for the MANITOU machines affected by Regulation 167/2013. The user can find the parts catalogue corresponding to a particular machine by indicating its VIN code. All parts catalogues are multilingual, available in five languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. A tree structure provides access to the section of the architecture sought and then the user can identify the exact reference of the part to be replaced.

Catalogue pièces

Repair manual: by purchasing a subscription (for a day, month or year), the user receives access to all of the repair manuals for the machines and structural components of MANITOU affected by Regulation 167/2013. Every (machine or structural component) manual is available in English and possibly other languages. The manuals are in PDF format.

Manuel Réparation

Training: the user will be able to access a list of all the courses offered by MANITOU's Training Centres in the RMI portal. If the user is interested in a training course, he should contact MANITOU using the 'Contact us' feature, stating his requirements (training code, course language). The training centre records all the requests and organises specific sessions based on technical subjects and languages. Prices for the training courses are communicated once the Training Centres have set them. Only the courses concerning machines or structural components related to European Regulation 167/2013 will be validated for an independent repairer.


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